"Some of them came in a 20-truck caravan, flags flapping in the morning breeze.

Some of them came with their children, holding miniature red, white and blue pinwheels and the remnants of breakfast.

Some of them came from all corners of the state, riding from Jesup or Conyers or right down the road. 

But all of them came together to fight what they say is an attack on their history, their heritage and the Confederate flag."
'An Assault On Our History,' Hundreds Rally For Confederate Flag In Henry

Georgia Public Broadcasting

"Sending documents to BuzzFeed News is antithetical to the shoot first, ask questions later approach many in the new media have adopted. And it’s an evolution—though not quite a pivot—from a not-too-distant version of Cernovich." 
BuzzFeed receives scoop from controversial source: Mike Cernovich 

Columbia journalism review

"The cool, crisp air of an Atlanta fall dipped the temperature into the 30s, but inside the Vision Cathedral, the congregation is armed with paper fans to stave off the heat and sweat of hundreds of bodies in motion and in worship.

The predominantly-black Pentecostal church sits at the intersection of Confederate Avenue and Ormewood Avenue.

But Bishop O.C. Allen and the rest of the church only recognize one of those names."
On Confederate Avenue, (Street) Signs May Soon Point To Change